YouTube Makes Exclusive Shows, Movies Free for the Users

YouTube is taking a step further so as to enhance the user base and the number of subscribers. It has the plans to get all the original programming available for the users free of cost. Initially, YouTube Premium had special and exclusive access to some original programs. But now, the platform is trying to make this facility available for the rest of the users as well. It is just that for the paid option, the ads would be removed. In the normal option, there would be ads. So, this would be a better idea because this would satisfy two broad categories. The international users who are quite fond of YouTube original programs would get them without any charges and the advertisers who want themselves to get attached to any specific content get a chance to do so.

So, the subscription major benefit of the exclusiveness is now not there yet a few music streaming privileges remains intact. On this decision, YouTube is quite positive for the future. However, there is no clarity as such in regards to the number of subscribers that YouTube might have earned for the Premium category. But this program was launched three years ago and so it would have got a good response as such.

It is believed that things will remain as it is till the end of December. But the major shift will be seen early next year that is January 2019. So, the question is what would be the benefit of the paid option? Well, the videos and shows there would be without the ads. YouTube Premium had launched in more than 29 countries three years ago. This was like a trial for the platform. Now, it has realized the need for more users and better stage to showcase what it wishes to exhibit.

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