NASA’s Insight Lander Landed on the Red Planet: Landmark in Human History

NASA’s Insight mission has been in talks since a while. In fact, after seven months of a journey through space, Insight has safely landed on Mars, the red planet. When the touchdown was confirmed after a beep mission control station at NASA just busted out of applaud. This was for the eighth time in human history that landing on Mars has been possible. The astronauts who were associated with the mission congratulated the team and were quite excited about this. This is because there would be development in this field because Insight would study the interior of Mars and would come up with many facts and answers. So, sending astronauts to Mars would be possible just like sending on the moon.

The target is:

  • Insight will remain on Mars for the next 2 years.
  • During this tenure, there would be a proper study of the planet’s interior and the other systems that might be associated with the same.
  • Insight will be responsible to deploy the radio antenna and heat sensor there.

There would be some idea about the tectonic activity on mars and of course, thanks to Insight for the same.
Insight was built by science leaders from USA, Germany, and France. Of course, a lot of hard work and dedication was needed for all these. But, the scientists worked dedicatedly on the mission and hence the success can be credited to these NASA scientists. Studying the interiors of Mars would bring ahead more facts as related to the planet’s past. The reasons behind the planet turning into a vast desert should be known and of course, by studying the tectonic activity and the interiors of this planet, many new facts would come up about the history of the red planet.

Of course, it was a scientific moment, but the lander touching down the Mars’ surface was also an emotional moment because it brought about tears and excitement roars at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.

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