LG’s Patent for 16 Rear Camera Lenses Approved by the USPTO

If you have seen the latest trends in the field of smartphone technology, then you will realize that every player wants to come up with something for the New Year. Samsung is already on with the four camera sensors. But this is just the beginning of the war. Looking at the details that LG’s recent patent shows, LG might come up with 16 camera lenses at the rear part. USPTO has approved the patent. It also appears that there would be face unlock technology in the upcoming LG model.

In a patent to USPTO by LG, first reported by LetsGo Digital, Well, it would be matrix style and with the 16 camera lenses and so taking images would be a perfect job because there would be different pictures taken with different angles. Every lens would have a different perspective and so keeping this in mind you can just use the phone for a perfect shot or a perfect moment.

It appears that with the 16 camera lens one can create a miniature film as well with the help of different lenses working at different angles. Combining these angles would make the pictures look like a live movie. It is true that the patent has been approved. But yet, LG has not come up with any such official statement or announcement in this regards.

Every smartphone giant wants to rule the world with the best features and of course with the enhanced camera capacities. So, with the tough competition in existence, it’s the consumers who get the benefit. So, it is just a matter of time that hexadecimal camera would become a reality.

We need to watch out what the other player does once such news is out. Of course, each and every player would want to get on the top, and for that, they will strive to get on the best mode. Adopting the latest and best feature which is close to hi-tech fantasy might be the best way to earn the leadership.

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