Huawei and Samsung’s Tug of War: Who Brings Infinity O Technology First on the Smart Phone Designs

Technology knows no bounds when it comes to keeping people astonished about the newer developments. This month, Samsung had introduced a foldable screen in the field of smartphones. But this was just the beginning. Soon, it also sent a teaser around showing that there would be an infinity O technology that will be used in future or upcoming phones. In fact, Huawei was the first one to float such teasers. So, now, all you can expect is a small hole on the left-hand side corner of the display. Perhaps this is for the front-facing camera.

There is a possibility that Samsung would come up with this technology on its phone Galaxy A8. The teasers had appeared on the leaker Ice Universe. However, nothing has been yet confirmed by Samsung. But, Huawei has actually confirmed the news and has said that the image as leaked at Ice Universe about the new phone with the Infinity O technology is true, and the new phone would be Huawei Nova 4.

You can see that there would be a key change in the smartphone designs. These phones might be around by the end of December. Since Huawei belongs to China, this new technology will be seen in China first. For hands-on review, you will have to wait till the phones get released in China. Just like Samsung Huawei is also working on the foldable screen technology. So, there has been a tiff between Samsung and Huawei. Both of them were giants in their own way! The curiosity remains among the patrons, and those who support Samsung would be happy if the company comes up with the latest technology first. Those who are Huawei fans would surely want Huawei to bring in the best first.

So, all we can do is just wait and watch who comes up with the Infinity O technology in their phones first.

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